Whay are family violence cases so complicated?

Family Assault family Violence (AFV) cases can be the most complicated misdemeanor cases. There are several reasons for that. Prosecutors are in a tough spot when it comes to AFV cases. The national dialogue is slanted heavily against family violence. And it’s not without reason. For many years, domestic violence was swept under the rug while victims suffered silently. That is simply not acceptable for our society and people are speaking out.

The flip side of that is that the backlash can go to far. People (especially men) who are charged with family violence can face an uphill battle in proving their innocence. In some cases, prosecutors will not dismiss a case, even when there is a significant amount of evidence pointing that direction. In some cases, the defendant sits in jail while the prosecutor refuses to move.

We have all heard the quote that it is better to let 100 guilty men go free than to convict a single innocent. This mantra does not apply to Family Violence cases. N my experience multiple innocent people take pleas each day.

I do not want to overstate my case because Family Violence can be a scary situation for those involved. The prosecutor’s zealousness is justified in cases where violence clearly occurred and there is evidence of that violence. However, too many times I see prosecutors press forward even with no physical evidence and an alleged victim who recants his or her story, or otherwise does not wish to press charges.

If you have pending domestic violence charges, you need an attorney who will fight for you. The consequences can be extremely severe, but often a good attorney can get the charges dramatically reduced or dismissed. There are few types of cases where the outcomes are more influenced by an experienced, aggressive attorney. To speak about your case for free, call 512-677-5003.

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