What is the financial impact of a DWI?

You probably already know that a DWI is expensive. The financial impact of a DWI  can vary based on a number of factors.  For example, you may not be required to install an IID.  Alternatively, you may get a reduction to Obstructing a Roadway that would eliminate surcharges.   For a Class A or felony DWI, the surcharges and fees amp up.  There can also be miscellaneous factors like restitution. However, the following list will give you an idea of the costs. 


Attorney fees: $2500

PR Bond fee: $40

CES/MADD Panel: $115

Fine: $400

Court Costs:  $350

IID (6 months): $490

Probation fees (1 year): $780

Occupational License: $600

Surcharges: $2,000

Total: $7,275

$7,275 is an estimate and the actual figure can be much more or less.  Also, keep in mind that while attorney fees are the highest figure on that list, a good attorney will save you money in other ways.  In my cases, I almost always negotiate a lower fine, and/or waive court costs.  In many cases, there are ways to get the surcharges knocked down to zero.   At the end of the day, a DWI is expensive – there are no two ways about it.  However, a good attorney will actually lessen, not increase the cost, and limit your exposure to other penalties as well.

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