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Charged with a Property Crime?

Theft, embezzlement, and fraud are examples of property crimes. The penalty for these crimes is usually based on the dollar amount of the property that is alleged to be stolen. Usually, the police and prosecutors have zero input from the defendant, so they have only gotten one side of the story. As a result, property crimes are often over-charged.

A good attorney will parse through the facts to get to the bottom of the case. Rarely is the police report completely accurate in these types of cases, so it is important to find the discrepancies to poke holes in the case. In other cases with smaller values, cases can sometimes be dismissed if the property is simply returned.

Whether you need an attorney to reduce the dollar amount, you have been wrongfully accused, or the charge is simply the result of a misunderstanding, you need an experienced attorney to present your case. Call 512-677-5003 or use the contact form on the right to set up a free consultation.