Call 512-677-5003 for Travis County Jail Release 24/7


Spending a day or two in jail sounds pretty easy until it’s you or a loved one behind bars. Even one night in jail can disrupt your life significantly. You could lose your job, your car could be impounded, you might have to scramble just to make sure your kids are safe.

Attorney Rob Chesnutt understands that even a few hours in jail can be too much. Jail release in Travis County is available 24 hours a day. While each case is different, many times, jail release can occur within several hours of calling. We can often help procure a Personal Recognizance or “PR Bond”, which means you don’t need to pay a bondsman. Any fee paid for a jail release goes directly to your attorney fees.

For some serious charges, jail release can take longer. In these cases, a bond reduction hearing might be necessary, and we might need to research the facts of the case before presenting to the judge. We will work tirelessly in those cases so that you don’t spend a day in jail longer than is absolutely necessary.

If you or a loved one is in jail in Travis County, call 512-677-5003 for information regarding jail release. For after-hours calls, please leave a message for immediate call-back. In Williamson and surrounding counties, please call during business hours.