I was just arrested on a misdemeanor charge in Travis County. Now What?

Although every case is different, there are common questions most people have when they are facing charges. This is not a substitute for legal advice, and if you want advice regarding your specific situation, you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney.


How to bond out?

The best way to get bonded out is with a Personal Recognizance) PR bond. This is almost always an option for misdemeanors. You may not be eligible if there is an active warrant in another jurisdiction, you are already on probation, or if you also have felony charges. Sometimes a PR bond will not be granted if Pretrial Services cannot get in touch with a detainee’s relatives. If you or a loved one was not granted a PR bond, you can often still get one by hiring an attorney. There may be some complications that an attorney can easily clear up.


Pretrial Services (PTS)



The first office that you might have to deal with is Pretrial Services. Before release, Pretrial Services will have information on how to post bond. If you are listed as a reference by the detainee then they may also call and ask questions about their situation. If you can verify that he or she has employment, a place to live and is not a flight risk, it makes their release on a PR bond more likely.

It is located on the first floor of the courthouse downtown.  After release, you may still need to be in touch with PTS if you have to make changes to your conditions of release.   You will have a PR bond fee of $20 or $40 which you will pay here as well.


Pretrial Conditions

Pretrial Conditions or conditions of release are things that you must abide by to maintain freedom while you await the resolution of your case. Common conditions are an Ignition Interlock Device for DWIs, a stay-away order in domestic violence situations.  You will also have to promise to avoid alcoholic beverages no matter the charge.


Court Dates

In Travis County, your court dates will be at the Blackwell-Thurman Justice Center. Most courts open at 9:00AM. If you don’t have an attorney you will need to check in with the bailiff and given permission before you leave. One big advantage of hiring an attorney early in the process is that your advocate can handle your early court settings. In most Travis County courts, you will not need to attend your court date for the first 3-4 months if you have an attorney. During this time, your attorney will collect discovery (evidence) and begin discussions with the prosecutor.

For a number of reasons, it is beneficial to hire an attorney early in the process.  If you or a loved one was just arrested, call 512-677-5003 to get an experienced aggressive defense attorney on the case.

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