How do I know if I have a warrant?

Depending on the jurisdiction, it can be tricky to even find out that a warrant has been issued for your arrest. In some counties, you need to call or fax (yes some places still use dinosaur technology).to find out that information.


In most jurisdictions that do have an online database, it can takes days to even a week or two before warrants are entered into the system. Sometimes you will be arrested before there was a way for you to know.


In Travis county, you can find warrants here as long as you know the date of birth of the person you are looking for:


In Williamson county, an attorney can fax the request to the Sheriff. They also advise that you can go in person with a photo ID (nice try Wilco!) In case it’s not obvious, don’t do that.


If you suspect that you have a warrant, the absolute best way to know for sure is to have an attorney call. An attorney can usually verify the existence of a warrant even if it is not yet in the online system. If you do have a warrant, an attorney can often assist with a walk-though, so that you don’t have to spend any time in jail.


If you or a loved one has a warrant, or if you think you might have a warrant, call 512-677-5003 to help you determine the best steps to take.


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