Helpful Websites and Contact Info in Travis County DWI Cases

Below, I’ve listed some websites which may be of assistance if you are facing DWI charges in Travis County. If you would like to speak to an attorney bout your case, you can always schedule a free phone consultation by calling 512-677-5003.

Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center

509 West 11th Street

Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 854-9244

Docket look-up:

ALR Hearing Request:

Pretrial Services:

Located on the first floor of the Blackwell-Thurman Justice Center


Travis County CES:

1010 Lavaca (2nd floor)
Austin, TX 78701 

(512) 854-9540

5501 Airport Blvd., #102
Austin, TX, 78751

(512) 854-9540


Smart Start (IID vendor)

Sober Link (PAM and SCRAM vendor)

Adult Probation:

411 W. 13th St.
Austin, TX 78701 
Room 722


CCA – County Court Admin

Located on first floor

(512) 854-9244

CC3 – Honorable John Lipscombe

5th Floor

(512) 854-9243

CC4 – Honorable Mike Denton

3rd Floor

(512) 854-9896

CC5 – Honorable Nancy Hoengarten

4th Floor

(512) 854-9676

CC6 – Honorable Brandy Mueller

4th Floor

(512) 854-9677

CC7 – Honorable Elizabeth Earle

6th Floor

(512) 854-9679

CC8 – Honorable Carlos Barrera

5th Floor

(512) 854-7180

CC9 – Honorable Kim Williams

6th Floor

(512) 854-8460

Texas DWI Code :

Law library resources:

UT Expunction Project (pro bono expunctions for those who qualify):

My contact info:

The Law Office of Rob Chesnutt

7000 North MoPac Expy, Suite 200

Austin, Texas 78731

Phone: 512-677-5003

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