Free PDF Guide on How to Handle your DWI in Travis County

If you have been arrested in Travis County for DWI, you might be worried about the ramifications. How much will it cost? How much of a burden will it be on my daily life? How will it affect my driver’s license?


As an attorney who works in Travis County handling DWI’s and other criminal charges daily, I decided to write a guide for those facing a DWI in Travis County. It’s not a substitute for legal advice, but if you are like me, you like to research everything online as much as you can so that nothing comes around the corner that you didn’t expect.  You don’t always have time to call somebody and set up an appointment.  You want the information now.


This guide can give you that head-start and hopefully easy some of the anxiety you might be feeling.  When you’re ready to discuss your case in more detail, you can talk for 30 minutes about your case at no charge. I will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect after I hear the specifics of your case.  Call Rob for a free consultation. 512-677-5003.

    Download the Travis County DWI Guide (30-page PDF. FREE)


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