Driving with License Invalid

Many people are surprised to learn that driving with a license invalid can be a class B misdemeanor – same class as a DWI or a first-time assault. Fortunately, prosecutors do not see a DWLI as being quite so significant, and are much more ready to dispose of the charges.


The reasons that a license an be suspended are numerous. Maybe it was suspended in conjunction with a DWI. Maybe there are some surcharges that were never paid. Maybe you never got your license in the first place.


Whatever the reason, if you were cited for DWLI, the best way to deal with it is usually to clear up whatever was suspending your license. The second best way is to get an occupational license. An Occupational License (or ODL) is a temporary (1-2 year) license that will allow you to drive while you clear up your DL issues. If you do either of these, the prosecutor will usually dismiss the DWLI.


One exception to the rules stated above is if your license is suspended for a medical reason. This could be a suspension due to seizures, chronic drug use, or some other medical condition that can make driving dangerous. In the case of a medical suspension, the suspension is indefinite, and can only be removed by appealing to DPS in a lengthy process.


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