Deal with those warrants!

If you have an outstanding warrant, it can seem like an insurmountable hurdle, but it’s best to face it head on, reach for a phone and call an attorney. Here’s why:


  1. If you are arrested out of county, it will take longer for you to be released from jail.

If you are stopped out of county, you can still be arrested on the warrant. If you are, you will be transported to the county where you were arrested. Here’s the problem: You can’t post bond in the county you were arrested in. Bond must be posted in the county where the charge originated from. If you have family or friends in that area who can post for you, that’s great, but the process can still be delayed.


At best, you’re looking at a few hours delay. At worst, you will need to wait to be transferred back to the original county so that you can see a judge. This can take a week or longer, even if you are in state. Out of state warrants can lead to even more problems.

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  1. You could be arrested at any time

Think about all the driving you do. Now consider when would be a “good” time to be arrested. Not many of those moments, are there? What if you are arrested on your way to work. Would you lose your job? What if you were arrested with your kids in the car. Who would take them?  Even if you are “lucky” and are arrested in the same county where the charge is located, you could still be facing arrest at the most inopportune time.


On the other hand, if you take care of the warrant, you’re the one in control. Sure, you will still need to deal with the charges, but you will be the one to decide when. You can schedule time off work, arrange care for your children, and attend to any other responsibilities ahead of time.


  1. Collateral consequences

A warrant could show up on a background check when applying for a job. It can affect your ability to get a license. It can prevent you from traveling. These are all problems that you will want to put in the past.


  1. Bottom line:

Call a lawyer and deal with your warrant. In many cases, a warrant can be cleared with a “walk-through”, which means that you check in and give your information to a sheriff, but you have already procured a bond for release. The process can take less than an hour. A warrant will be much easier to handle if you are not in jail. Lower your stress level and stop looking over your shoulder for the laws every time you drive to the store.


If you have an active warrant in Travis, Williamson or surrounding counties, call to talk about your options. 512-677-5003.

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