Commercial Driver’s License issues

Those who have never driven commercially may never know how important a CDL is for drivers. For them, a driver’s license is an afterthought. They might not need to worry when they rack up a few speeding tickets, or get a moving violation or two.

Commercial Drivers know better. For them, the CDL is literally their livelihood. If they lose their CDL, they might not be able to pay their bills and feed their family. Losing a CDL can be worse than a fine, or jail time, or installing an interlock device.

Unfortunately, it can be very easy for a CDL to be suspended or disqualified. A conviction for driving with a suspended license, a DWI, or leaving the scene of an accident will lead to an automatic disqualification for 1-3 years. Lesser violations can add up to 6-month suspensions or more. Disqualifications come from the Federal level and cannot be appealed.

If you have a CDL, it is extremely important that you let your attorney know so that he can inform you of the specific consequences. Sometimes it can make sense to fight harder and take cases to trial if the punishment will result in an automatic disqualification. Once you have accepted a guilty plea, it might be too late.

For an attorney that will fight to help you keep your CDL, call Rob Chesnutt. 512-677-5003.

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