Austin PD leaning toward citations over arrests for low-level misdemeanors

For certain misdemeanors, offenders will no longer be arrested by APD and instead will be given a citation. These offenses include possession of K2, class A graffiti offenses and class A offenses for driving with an invalid license.

Obviously, this is a welcome change, as an arrest is a huge life disruption, and can be a huge consequence for such minor violations. However, it is still important to hire an attorney to deal with the charges. As minor as it seems, you still don’t want these charges clouding your criminal record if it can be wiped clean.

Prosecutors aren’t usually thrilled to devote resources to these kinds of charges, so by exerting a little pressure or by offering a little bit in terms of community service hours or the like can often convince them to drop the case.

The new policy is in line with other changes at APD. As of January 2018, Austin police are no longer arresting for small amounts of marijuana. Additionally, first time arrestees can take a class to have the charge dismissed. This is one of the rare times where you probably wouldn’t benefit from having an attorney since the dismissal is basically automatic.

If you have been cited with a low-level misdemeanor in Travis, Williamson or surrounding counties, and you would rather fight than simply pay the fine and move on, hen call 512-677-5003 for a free consultation

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