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Charged with Assault?

Assault is a charge that can be fairly minor to extremely serious depending on the circumstances. From a little skirmish on 6th street to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the consequences can be quite different. There are many different ways for a prosecutor to enhance an assault charge from a class B misdemeanor to a serious felony. 

Because assault is considered a violent crime, prosecutors take it very seriously.  Whether you are facing serious jail time with a felony, or misdemeanor for simple assault, you will want an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process step-by-step.

An assault case is often mired with conflicting reports, so a good attorney will parse through the evidence to tell your story and put you in the best possible light. Even more than other types of crimes, when you are charged with assault, you need an experienced, impassioned advocate to present your case to the prosecutor and/or jury.

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